sábado, 22 de enero de 2011


Play the following game 1 and game 2 and do the exercises to refresh your language.
Then write down a list of useful expressions (with their translation) we can use to ask for or give directions.

Now you have to practice:
I am at the train station and I want to go first to the bookstore and then to the jewelry store. How can I get there ?


Play this game that takes place in a special airport. Pretend you are Mr.Hackett with your partner and see if you are able to save your sister.

List your movements (areas of the airport you visit) through the airport and write down your results in

The closest airports to Salt are Girona and Barcelona. Do you know them? Have you ever visited them o travelled from or to them?
Take a look at one of their maps. Are they similar? Do you see any differences?

Now go to the following pages (Girona and Barcelona) and tell us, what kind of shops and activities they have. Do they have the same duty-free shops? Can we do the same activities in both airports? What things would you buy if you had to fly from one of these airports?

viernes, 21 de enero de 2011


  1. Go to Girona Airport Web and Barcelona Airport Web and look for information about going to London: What airlines fly to London from Girona? and from Barcelona? What time are their departure flights?
  2. Now go to edreams web and Ryanair web or others and find out: How much could a roundtrip ticket to London cost us?
  3. Decide which airline is the best choice and what the best deal is to travel to London for a long weekend (from Thursday to Sunday or Monday). Tell us the reasons for your choice.
  4. What things would you pack into your suitcase for the trip? Remember that on most of the flights there is a weight limit of 20 kilos for person.
  5. What places would you like to visit while you are in London? Choose 5 places you wouldn't want to miss. Post pictures of these places and comment on what things you can do or see there.
  6. Would you bring any souvenirs back from London? What things do you think are typical to buy in this city? Find at least three souvenirs.


Look for information about an English-speaking country you would like to visit. Try to plan a whole trip to that country: choose an airline, decide what places you would like to visit, how you would get to those places, how much money you would need, etc.
After your planning make a powerpoint with your images and most important information to talk about visiting that country. Here I give you questions you should answer.
You can go to the resource list to get some of the information you need.